AI-powered Content Workflows for Teams

DC I/O is the enterprise solution for customizable, reliable, and transparent content workflows with generative AI. Built by content professionals for content professionals. 

With a shared library of prompts, teams can generate new content from existing sources in seconds. A blog post becomes a social media post, and keywords become a press release. 

Replace generic prompts with streamlined AI workflows

With DC I/O, content teams create AI workflows optimized for their own channels and purposes. These workflows can then be automated with just a few clickseven by someone who is not an expert in prompting. Our engineering, journalism, and marketing experts provide additional support. 

Import and export to and from many channels

Process content from multiple sources, including websites, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and more. Generated content can be shared directly from the app to connected channels such as social media or a content management system. 

Choose from multiple providers

We help you choose the right AI models for your application and privacy needs. Choose from the best language models or use your own.

Secure the future of content creation

Create more time for researching and designing high-quality content by speeding up the writing-as-production process. 

GDPR Compliance

Leverage the most powerful GDPR-compliant AI models or connect self-hosted AI models.

Multi-source processing

When creating new content, you can import and combine multiple sources at once to create new content. For example, a product blog post (web) combined with a product datasheet (PDF) becomes copy for a product landing page.

For small and large teams, enterprises, agencies, and newsrooms

Whether you have a three-person marketing department or an editorial team of 200 writers: DC I/O makes your content production future-proof with AI.


Maximum content quality


DC I/O generates new content from trusted sources at the touch of a button. Even team members with no AI experience can reliably generate high-quality content. There is no need for lengthy meetings and review rounds. DC I/O is a workflow framework that integrates individual AI tools in such a way that teams can create the right workflows for individual tasks. Close consultation with our specialists is an important part of the service: we teach you how to design and use generative AI on our framework to your advantage.

DC I/O is designed to be fully GDPR-compliant. The application has been developed with a strong focus on data protection. Only essential data is collected and processed. In addition, DC I/O uses AI models, such as the GPT models via Microsoft Azure, that strictly adhere to European data protection laws. These models operate in an isolated environment and usage data is not used for training purposes.

New language models are being added all the time. We currently offer leading AI models from OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic and open-source models, including:

GPT-4 (OpenAI / Microsoft Azure) 
GPT- 3.5 (OpenAI / Microsoft Azure) 
Claude 2 (Anthropic) 
Llama 2 (Meta) 
Luminous (Aleph Alpha) 
Gemini (Google, coming soon)

Companies, organizations, agencies, and newsrooms can access DC I/O. The basic offering consists of an implementation phase and workflow consulting. In addition, the usual usage costs for generative AI models apply. Talk to us about pricing during a demo.

DC I/O can merge multiple sources simultaneously to create new content. For example, a product datasheet combined with a marketing briefing can be processed into a press release or social media post. 

DC I/O separates prompts, models, input, and output. Each component can be individually optimized for your purposes. This means that individually trained models or vector databases can be integrated. We are happy to advise you.

We offer a free demo. Please contact us for an appointment.

DEEP CONTENT is a media company with its own technology magazines (THE DECODER, MIXED, SPACE4GAMES) and a consulting unit for the use of AI in marketing and communication.

When OpenAI launched GPT-3 in 2020, we realized that content creation would change in the future and we started experimenting with AI in content practice. It quickly became clear that generative AI is not good enough to create new high-quality original content on its own.

But the best AI models are excellent at transforming existing content into new forms. An author writing an article, can use AI to draft headlines, Google-optimized teasers, social media posts, and newsletters at the touch of a button.

We realized that what calculators are to mathematicians, language models are to anyone who works with words. With this understanding, we began developing DC I/O in the spring of 2023.

Our goal: a direct to draft solution. No more sitting in front of a blank page.

AI does not take away our responsibility when creating content. But as a writing aid, it can help us work faster, more creatively, and with greater versatility.

This leaves more time for what we consider to be the more important creative processes: conception and research.

Writing becomes part of production and can be partially automated.

DC I/O combines the capabilities of the best major language models in an intuitive interface that allows even non-experts to create reliable and transparent content workflows with just a few clicks.

Complex prompting disappears into the backend, where it is maintained and developed by experts and made available to teams as required. Teams provide feedback to help optimize prompts and workflows.

This enables companies, organizations, agencies and editorial teams to work with clearly defined, transparent and future-proof AI-powered content processes.

Our goal is also to make DC I/O sustainable: As journalists and marketing experts with digital transformation at our fingertips, we are constantly improving DC I/O based on new market developments. What’s more, the better the language models become, the better the processes defined in DC I/O will become.

We see DC I/O as an essential foundation for successful, forward-thinking publishing of all kinds.